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 ALSHAQAB Car Rental & Transport  Co.                                                                   


We guarantee a fast, efficient and reliable service.

AL SHAQAB Co. is one of the main Car Rental Rental cars of all types of small and medium-sized SUV
We are leasing all the big trucks with thirty-six cubic meters and twenty-eight cubic meters capacity.
The lease on the short, medium and long-term.
And to ensure a new models and modern and also guarantee an excellent level of service.
Alshaqab goal is to provide a high quality services.
A group of highly skilled team at your service throughout the twenty four hours a day,
 and Transporters of washed sand, dune sand, subbase and aggregate. By mobilizing 12 trailers daily to supply up to 1500 Tons which can be increased up-on the project, the Company makes sure every project given to it is satisfactorily carried out.
We also guarantee the quality of car rental and the materials we transport to your sight